Everything you ever needed to know.. but were afraid to ask!

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Everything you ever needed to know.. but were afraid to ask!

Postby w-c-c » Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:30 pm

Recently, W.C.C.'s existing website Hosting expired and renewal costs became a concern.

The website was previously hosted under the domain name http://www.whitstable-cruising-club.co.uk which also, has now expired.

This New, current website is now being hosted Free of Charge under the domain name http://www.whitstablecruisingclub.co.uk (without hyphens),
which the club also owned, although this domain name is also due for renewal in January, but at only £6 + vat for 2 years. (The hyphenated domain name is also still available for renewal if so wished)

It was suggested that possibly a self-maintaining 'forum style' website that offered member participation and control would be better suited to the Club's needs and is now live for testing and participation.

The domain http://www.conyeryachtclub.co.uk has also been pointed towards this new format as their hosting expired at the same time.

It took a few days to redirect whitstablecruisingclub.co.uk to this new hosting so it will take a while to appear at the top of a google search unlike conyeryachtclub.co.uk which was redirected early on and now appears on the first page of google results already.

Although it cannot be expected to appeal to all immediately, I am sure that in time, some will start to actually enjoy an occasional visit, catching up on news and gossip... spinning yarns, or ...... watching the complete collapse due to inactivity and disinterest...but!!....

.. to avoid this.. just a couple of you willing to put a little effort in at these early stages breathing some life into these pages with a bit of chit-chat and some interesting stories, events, trips or news, will be the making or breaking, of this.

Alistair, your Commodore/Skipper ??? (Check the site's very 1st. polls!) has invested his effort in the belief that this may work.

It is equally possible that this could continue as a static site with occasional updates without any live interaction.

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