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First test post

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:28 pm
by Barny
So .. here is the first post on W.C.C.'s first interactive forum/bulletin Board.

New Pages/Subjects can be added as suggested or as members and visitors alike should post here with their thoughts, suggestions, opinions and advice so all can be considered and discussed.

Some examples of potential topics will probably include General Chat, Members only discussions, Committee only discussions, Technical Help, Events/What's On, Sailing anecdotes etc., with more being easily added as interest grows.

Members can keep in touch and stay abreast of each other's news as and when they want to.
Let others know when you are planning a day' cruising and have others join in without it having to be an organised event.

Over the next few days your 'Skipper', (the right Honourable Mr. Alistair Bennie :lol: ) will be actively setting up new topics open for all your input.
The Diary of Club Events will also be added as will most of the previous website's content if still available.

Existing Members are encouraged to Register and make themselves seen and heard as soon as possible to get this Board up and running as you want, while we are setting it up.