Letter from the Boss

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Letter from the Boss

Postby w-c-c » Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:34 am

Dear Members,

The sun was shining on the snow yesterday and as ever it made me reach for a Yachting Monthly and think boaty thoughts of sparkling blue water and crisp spring days. Obviously the blue water is a concern if seen in the Swale, its probably Elsan toilet fluid but you get the idea.

The Conyer Yacht Club is now officially RYA affiliated and thanks to Tony and Jane Pritchard and Martin Sutcliffe, the administation and website tasks are being handled magnificently and thankfully for all, not by me. We have a growing band of members and the website is getting a lot of hits. We even have the Sailing Programme for 2012 on the site now and that is primarily what we are all here for.

Please do have a look at the programme and give it some thought and maybe some space on your calendar as many of us have suffered from overlooking some of the events in the past and have missed some stunning sailing as a result of going to Ikea or agreeing to cut the lawn. I once went to work instead of sailing the friday race of the Swale Regatta and felt quite cheated as the rest of the cup cake had enjoyed a great sail and were determined to tell everyone nearby how fantastic it had been.

As ever, the weather will cause a change of plan or two so if you are joining an event please let a few folks know so we can keep everyone informed and make the most of our time out on the water. The first event is scheduled for the 24th of March and was a great day last year. The Temptation Trophy is traditionally a Whitstable Cruising Club event, this year it is open to both clubs and will be an afternoon race (or a cruise if you don't feel competetive on the day) as we have boats in Conyer and Faversham keen to come out. Last year we all returned on the evening tide but this year a few may stay out overnight enjoying the Swale and take advantage of a Sunday morning sail before returning to the berths.

We would like some photographs for the website and any maritime information or reports of trips Etc. would be very welcome. Maybe some notes on where you are in regard to getting your boat ready for the season or possibly how pleased you are with your new Conyer Yacht Club Fleece?

Best wishes for a good season.

David Davies

Conyer Yacht Club Fleece? I've never seen one .. heard of one or been offered one :P

are they warm? added by

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