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Who We Are

Postby w-c-c » Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:32 am

Please Note: The following email addresses are possibly unreachable at present as they were managed by the previous host... normal service should be resumed eventually :?

David Davies

Neil Merritt

Tony Pritchard

Jo Boraston

Martin Sutcliffe

...and what we do

Commodore in charge of the rest of us. Pushes a lot from the rear (allegedly!) and always leaves a trail of completely deniable actions in his wake! Sails a lot.

Vice-Commodore in charge of the rest of us when the main man's out for lunch! Pushes less from the rear and pulls more from the front. A good organiser. Sails a lot.

Rear-Commodore in charge of making floaty things travel straight. Bravely battles html with a big stick, occasionally winning. Often sails backwards.

Secretary in charge of all club paperwork, paperclips, paperweights, official looking stuff and our Treasurer.

Treasurer in charge of collecting and laundering our massive cash reserves and as you can see from the picture, recycling club assets when he thinks he's mate. Prefers sailing forwards.

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