How to Register

As I'm using this I can see a useful TIP every now and again that might help others in using this Site.
Please post your own if you find something that makes it easier!
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How to Register

Postby Barny » Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:04 pm


# 1. Click on 'Register'


# 1. Turn on Computer ( More Details on this step are currently unavailable prior to receiving your Cheque :) )
# 2. Below the Website cup cake, there is a lighter blue bar with various Links.... on the right side of this bar you'll see 'Register' and 'Login'
# 3. Return to SHORT INSTRUCTIONS and follow Step # 1.

No one is ever likely to press the WORLD DESTRUCT BUTTON in error on this site so do please navigate around with abandon and press as many buttons as you like ... you might not need to be where you end up.... but at least you'll know how to go there if ever you want to. :P

Visit the ?FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and find a question you didn't think you wanted answered....

Take a look at 'Quick Links' ... any one of those can take you somewhere new that you never knew existed...

There is also a Menu at the bottom left of this page that'll take you back to the start... and along to the right bottom, a 'Contact' ,
'The Team' , 'Members' and 'Delete all Board Cookies' ( Very useful to help clean up your computer and Refresh this site)... Try them all!

We need to know if they are working asap! Thanks Everyone ... We need this site to be USED so we can tune it up to suit all! :ugeek:

P.S. After you have Registered and/or Logged in... both of those Links will disappear and be replaced by Links, Specifically for your personal use.. keep your EYE on them!
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